Monday, November 7, 2016

"What's all the Hype?"


  1. Hey Guys!My name is Mele and I currently attend Wesley Intermediate school.I really like the idea of this google slide presentation,very smart!Maybe next time add some more detailed information about Taylor Swift for those who dont know her so it can be a bit more imformative.If you have time maybe you can go check my class blog at Blog ya later!

  2. Hey Guys! My name is Angie and I go to Wesley Intermediate School. I really liked how you guys have explained, how some people are upset about Taylor Swift, on your google slide presentation. And I found it interesting how people are like actually upset with Taylor swift. Anyways, maybe next time you should add a bit more details about Taylor swift, like for the people who don't know her so that, like maybe when they read your presentation they can find out more Information about her. And maybe they might find it interesting. If you have time maybe you can check out our class blog
    Blog ya later, Angie